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Please note: As from the winter term 20/21, ILIAS is to be phased out and replaced while MS-Teams will be used to support digital learning.
  • Every lecture is setup as a Team in MS-Teams, which is the central area to be used for cooperation by lecturers and students for sharing course material, syllabus and learning activities (tests,...)
  • General information related to degree programs (currently provided under "degree course - general" should be  transferred to seperate degree course teams (in MS-Teams)
  • Information about Campus Steyr (maps, campus info,..) can be found in the team "Campus Steyr"
  • ILIAS is available as an archive system to provide access to former course material
  • The FHOÖ Moodle platform is available for additional learning activities. Links to moodle are provided in every team, when applicable
Start MS-Teams:  https://teams.microsoft.com
Please use your genereal fh-account in the format s1234567890@fhooe.at bzw. p12345@fhooe for login to MS-Teams
Job offers, internships and topics for project reports and diploma theses are now available under the following link:
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